Portfolio Management With Impomes

The IMPOMES Property Access System is a system that allows you to keep track of your property in the best way. İmpo İmar’ s experienced staff has been continuing these R&D researches within five years. This system, which is the result of R & D research, real estates;


  • Mortgage, annotation, foreclosure, etc. tracking of situations
  • Real estate tax and current value determinations,
  • Property declaration and tracking real estate tax debts
  • Determination of the building conditions according to zoning plans
  • Location, construction and occupation status determination
  • Photos of the current situation, identification of property information

Real estate management and tracking system that provides continuous technical support and consultancy services to real estate owners with the expert comments on real estate development processes and the preparation of the optimal basis for real estate and planning, valuation and legal issues.


Following a comprehensive analysis of the current situation, our portfolio management service develops a future-oriented real estate strategy for the investor based on the structure, profitability, and potential of the real estate.

It creates a fast and creative rescue strategy and action plan in the presence of real estate that constitutes any problem in legal, administrative and spatial aspects.

It constantly tests the value change and efficiency of the property portfolio of the investor over time and keeps the necessary revisions on the agenda as a continuous process and ensures maximum benefit and value.

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