Sales and Marketing Management

To achieve the targeted success of each project, in addition to strategic planning services, sales and marketing activities should be planned step by step and carried out within a specific program. Establishing the infrastructure for the sales and marketing activities of the project areas, determining the sales prices, and planning the advertising and customer relations activities constitute the most basic issues under this title. Making sales is part of the marketing process, but the overall marketing process is a much more detailed planning organization than making sales.

The services we provide to investors in sales and marketing management can be summarized under the following headings:

    • Market research and market analysis
    • Determination of target audience and potential demand
    • Establishment of sales concept and determination of sales strategy
    • Determination of sales prices
    • Establishing project cash flow
    • Project introduction plans
    • Collaboration with advertising and PR firms
    • Personnel selection and management for sales office.

    Within the framework of the market research conducted, our company examines the following topics in detail and ensures that the right investment decisions are made:

    • Location and transportation
    • Floor area ratio and the status of competing projects
    • Investor / Developer information
    • Volume of the Project
    • Project mix
    • Social facilities and delivery conditions
    • Publicity and announcement tools
    • Sales rates
    • Target group
    • Sale / rental prices
    • Sales rates / occupancy rates

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